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A Reward for Our Clients

As Mint is no longer available in 2024, I heard from a few clients that they are looking for an alternative budgeting tool and here my firm bought it for you, and you can use it for FREE! I upgraded our financial planning software (RightCapital) to add the account aggregation, budgeting tools, and smart transaction categorization. As a CFP® and a member of XYPN, our firm’s RightCapital account can support unlimited clients without having to pay the retail price, so I think why not get it as a small perk for my clients!

So, to see the new features, all you need to do is to log into your RightCapital account through client portal (as you may already know, the software also has an mobile app in addition to the desktop version) with your client login (for those who lost their login or entered their information with me instead of receiving a client login, please feel free to let me know if you would like to have client access). The new features allow you to:

  • Aggregate finances from credit cards, bank accounts, and loans so that you see up-to-date information in one convenient location

  • Enables use of the Budget tool to help guide you toward financial success in your spending (short-term success), while I help manage your assets toward financial success in your investments (long-term success).

Also, I think a really smart feature is that if you do not want me to see your transactions but still want me to take a look at your budget, you can block your financial advisor from seeing your transactions as illustrated below:

Please let me know if you have any questions with the new features. If you have friends who are frustrated to see Mint go and need some help planning and managing for their finances, I will be more than happy to give them a free trial of the software in addition to a free consultation session!


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